Cities across the world are faced with the unprecedented task of keeping the public safe and finding ways for businesses to survive the economic challenges caused by the global health crisis. Cities are also seeing unprecedented opportunity to repurpose street space in creative ways for people, with less demand from vehicles during the pandemic. Feet […]

PARK(ing) Day is an annual event held across the world and right here in the city of Philadelphia, on the third Friday of September. Parking spaces are transformed into temporary public parks by community members, activists, artists, and architects to reimagine the use of public space.  This global event  focuses on promoting awareness for more […]

Philadelphia communities face substantial hurdles when attempting to reinvent public space, especially in communities of color. Feet First Philly is partnering with the Department of Public Health to provide funding for mini-grants to create public space amenities, particularly in underserved communities. The mini-grants, between $500 and $2000, will be awarded to address the financial and […]

Please download the RFP below. Interested individuals and organizations are encouraged to email to discuss your project or to ask any questions about the program.

Feet First Philly is happy to announce the release of our Pedestrian Advocacy Guide. This guide connects residents and community groups to existing city resources in order to address common pedestrian issues. Individuals and civic organizations can use this guide to identify risks pedestrians face in their own neighborhoods and find solutions to address those […]

Pedestrians of Philadelphia features stories of real people and how walking is a part of their lives. This month we highlight Ptah Gabrie, GoPhillyGo Content Coordinator at Clean Air Council. Ptah also works on communications for Feet First Philly and has lived in the Mantua, Chinatown, Fishtown, Point Breeze, and Port Ricmond sections of Philadelphia […]

This month’s Pedestrians of Philadelphia is Will Fraser. He is the sustainable transportation outreach coordinator at Clean Air Council and an avid cyclist and pedestrian.  What is your experience as a pedestrian on an average day? How long do you walk/roll? My experience as a pedestrian varies from day to day. Some days I walk as part of […]

In May, Feet First Philly, Clean Air Council, 5th Square, and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia released Recovery Streets – a proposal for the City of Philadelphia to rethink our public street space in order to get through COVID-19 ahead of where we started. There have never been so few cars on the road […]

In case you missed it, Feet First Philly, Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha, and Get Healthy Philly hosted a webinar about how to conduct a walk audit. This online training was designed to support community leaders and organizers with a common interest in safe, accessible, and attractive spaces for walking and rolling. If you are interested […]

Feet First Philly formed three new subcommittees at the beginning of 2020 to better focus on three specific areas of our pedestrian advocacy: events, policy, and communications. Feet First Philly’s subcommittee and general meetings are open to everyone. You can learn more about each of the subcommittee’s work by contacting the subcommittee chair or about […]