On Wednesday, a coalition of advocacy organizations across Philadelphia and numerous City Councilmembers, released a letter to the Kenney Administration, calling upon the City to open up more streets for safe social distancing. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, 5th Square, Clean Air Council, Feet First Philly and Nate Hommell of University City District worked […]

Michael Wilcox is the Garden Coordinator at the Hunting Park Community Garden in North Philadelphia. Watch as he tells Feet First Philly about his experiences as a pedestrian in the park and nearby community.

Feet First Philly recently made updates to our website to make it more accessible for the visually impaired, thanks to feedback provided by a user. We are committed to accessibility and inclusivity, particularly for people with disabilities, and we welcome any feedback on how we can do better. With that in mind, we want to […]

Scroll down, and use the link to access a printable version of the new walk audit tool Feet First Philly has released a new walk audit tool with the goal of being more approachable than a traditional, more detailed walk audit. For several years now, we have worked with partners to conduct walk audits in […]

The city will begin reconstructing Maplewood Mall in Germantown next week as part of an effort to make this unique area more pedestrian friendly. Maplewood Mall is a u-shaped street with both entrances on W. Armat St. between Green St. and Germantown Ave. The oval shaped area formed by Maplewood Mall is a mixture of […]

Send us pics of your favorite places that have been transformed to make pedestrians safer. Was a faded crosswalk you often pass recently painted? Did that sneckdown that always shows up when it snows get turned into a permanent pedestrian island? Did you recently take a walk in one of your favorite parks? We want […]

Feet First Philly is honoring civic leader Kyle Shenandoah and all victims of traffic violence by supporting the  Citizen’s Planning Institute’s (CPI) scholarship fund. Kyle was tragically struck and killed by a vehicle near his home in South Philadelphia. Kyle tirelessly worked for his community and betterment of the City as whole. He was a […]

Feet First Philly joined dozens of groups as part of 2019 PARK(ing) Day PHL. Street parking here and all over the world was transformed into mini parks or parklets. Our parklet gave a glimpse at what it would be like if contractors provided a safe and accessible walkway around their work site when blocking sidewalks, […]

Mayor Kenney recently signed into law Bill No. 190608, an amendment to the city code, sponsored by Councilperson Helen Gym, which requires the mandatory public reporting of payouts from the City of Philadelphia. We learned earlier this year that the number of pedestrians injured on sidewalks over the last year is one of the largest […]

Pedestrians of Philadelphia highlights people and how they experience the world through their own personal mobility. Casey Buckley shares her experiences and perspective as a wheelchair user in Philadelphia. What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk/roll? Why did you decide to walk/roll as your commute?  I both walk and roll. […]