Governing Procedures

Governing Procedures of Feet First Philly

1. Purpose

(A) Feet First Philly is a pedestrian advocacy group that is a project of the Clean Air Council. Feet First Philly is composed of volunteers. The purpose of Feet First Philly is to raise awareness of issues facing pedestrians in the City of Philadelphia including improving the pedestrian environment, protecting the rights of pedestrians, and encouraging walking as a mode of transportation, as well as for exercise and recreation.

(B) The Feet First Philly Steering Committee is the main volunteer organizational entity of Feet First Philly. The Steering Committee has the power to make decisions for the group, decide how to allocate any funding or grants, and take action subject to Clean Air Council approval.

2. Steering Committee Membership

(A) The Steering Committee shall have not less than five elected members.

(B) A public call for Steering Committee members will be made bi-annually at the end of the calendar year.

(C) Existing Steering Committee members in good standing shall vote on Steering Committee membership. The current chair and Ex Officio members cannot vote.

(D) Members may be added to the Steering Committee at any time by vote of a majority of the members then in office.

(E)Members are requested to attend a minimum of three meetings a year in person or via conference call to remain in good standing.

(F) Members or officers may be removed from office at any time, with or without cause, by vote of a majority of the members then in office or at the discretion of the Clean Air Council.

(G) The Steering Committee shall include ex officio seats for Clean Air Council staff, the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Systems and Health Department staff. Ex-officio members cannot vote.

3. Steering Committee Meeting Space and Time

(A) The Steering Committee meets every other month.

(B) Steering Committee Meetings are held at the Clean Air Council Philadelphia office located at 135 South 19th Street, Suite 300.

(C) Steering Committee meetings are open to any member of the public who has an interest in advocating for pedestrian rights.

4. Steering Committee Meeting Procedure

(A) A meeting agenda is constructed prior to the meeting based on topics proposed by Steering Committee members. Agendas, as well as other relevant meeting materials, are to be circulated to steering committee members a week before a scheduled meeting.

(B) Meetings are led by the elected Chair of the Steering Committee. If the Chair is not present, the Vice Chair will lead the meetings.

(C) Meeting notes are to be taken by one of the Steering Committee members, and are to be typed up and distributed within two weeks of the meeting.

(D) Voting will be necessary on agenda items relating to the governing procedures, expenditure of funds, and elections. Motions will be carried by a simple majority. A majority of voting Steering Committee members is necessary for quorum.

(E) The Chair votes on matters before the Steering Committee only in the circumstance of a tie.

5. Chair and Vice Chair Election Procedure

(A) Elections for Chair and Vice Chair occur after the Steering Committee election at a regularly scheduled Steering Committee Meeting.

(B) A notice about elections must be sent out by the current Chair one month prior to elections.

(C) Quorum must be met for an election to take place. This can include the people in the running for the position, as well as the current Chair and Vice Chair.

(D) In the event of a tie, the current Chair will cast the deciding vote. The Chair does not otherwise vote.

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