2306 Naudain. Permits posted facing away from sidewalk.

Construction Disruption

Our major advocacy effort for 2015 focuses on disruption of the pedestrian path caused by construction projects. We have solicited public input for our photo gallery and database to document and detail the problem.


Photo GaA frame signs on snowy sidewalkllery: The Good, The Bad and the “If Only”

Feet First Philly held a campaign in 2012 called “Where’s my effin’ sidewalk?” to bring attention to the common problem of sidewalk encroachments. Our new triple photo gallery will include photos of a broad range of pedestrian problems, as well as solutions.


Pedestrian Survey

The survey is being administered to assess issues that people in and around Philly currently have as pedestrians.  The results will be used to improve the pedestrian environment. Responses to the survey can remain anonymous, and results will be shared with the City to collaborate on reaching solutions.

Pedestrian Signal Timing

Feet First Philly’s initial project was a traffic signal timing assessment. Our goal is to ensure that sufficient time is provided for pedestrians to cross the street at intersections in Philadelphia, both to conform to federal standards and to improve pedestrian safety and confidence.

Car on Sidewalk 13 and W Palmer

Not A Parking Spot

Started in 2017, Feet First Philly took over the @NotaParkingSpotPhila Twitter Account to advocate for clear sidewalks and crosswalks. Tag your photos of illegally parked vehicles with @NotaParkingSpotPhila and @FeetFirstPhilly with the location and time to ensure safe streets for pedestrians.



Other Initiatives

Feet First Philly is collaborating with the Bicycle Coalition and other organizations to promote pedestrian safety through the Vision Zero effort. Many aspects of pedestrian safety are highly ranked in our pedestrian survey, especially the poor condition of the sidewalk network and drivers who don’t yield to pedestrians when turning.