Photo Gallery – The Good, the Bad, and the “If Only”

Welcome to Feet First Philly’s new photo gallery

This three-part gallery goes beyond the photos of pedestrian problems that we’ve shown in our construction disruption gallery and the sidewalk obstruction photo contest, to look at positive examples of good design for pedestrian accommodation in Philadelphia and elsewhere. Here are our three new galleries:

The Good: Pretty obvious, right? This gallery is for any photos of safe, comfortable, beautiful pedestrian environments or for any enhancements to the walking experience that are local.

The Bad: This gallery is for photos that illustrate any type of pedestrian problem or issue, preferably in the Philadelphia area.

The “If Only”: This category is for photos of pedestrian-friendly designs or accommodations that you see in other locations and you wish we had in Philadelphia.

Send your pictures (keep it appropriate, please – no nudity, violence, etc.) to Feet First Philly today!  Please include your name in the email so we can give you credit.  A brief description and the date would also be helpful.

To submit your photos, send them to Feet First Philly at  Feel free to submit as many photos as you want.

“The Good”

“The Bad”

The “If Only”


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