Jane’s Walk 2017

Jane’s Walk – Passyunk Pedestrians

Lead by: Jen Barr and David Goldfarb

Janes Walk - Passyunk Pedestrians

Every year Jane’s Walks happen throughout the country over one weekend. These walks are inspired by Jane Jacobs and are geared towards getting citizens to tell people about their communities. This year the walks occurred on May 5th, 6th and 7th.

In Philadelphia, many walks were held, including one lead by Feet First Philly Chair Jen CaptureBarr. The Passyunk Pedestrians walk took place along Broad Street and Passyunk Avenue, and a variety of sites were highlighted on the walk. Some of the issues highlighted throughout the walk included construction disruption, promoting multimodal transportation and walkability in general.

Feet First Philly representatives were at the walk, and pedestrian surveys were handed out at the end. Overall, this event was a fun way for local residents and Feet First Philly to come together and learn about the neighborhood by walking through it.

More information on this walk can be found here: Passyunk Pedestrians Walk


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