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Shoveling Sidewalks: Pedestrian Safety

Most Philadelphia streets were designed well before the automobile was even a thought and during a time when cities needed to be walkable. Walking was not only the norm, but the only way for many early Philadelphians to get around. Despite Philadelphia’s planned walkability, the modern urban landscape poses challenges for pedestrians, and winter weather […]

May 2018 Newsletter

Feet First Philly May 2018 Newsletter Protected Bike Lanes on Market Street and JFK Boulevard Construction for the new protected bike lanes on  Market Street and JFK Boulevard between 15th and 20th Street started Monday, May 21st, to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety in Center City. The project will be piloted for 9 months. The […]

Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Kelly Edwards

What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk? Why did you decide to walk as your commute? The scenic Philly streets and access to shops and restaurants make Philadelphia a great place for walking. I often walk home from my job at 10th and Spring Garden all the way back to […]

Car on Sidewalk 13 and W Palmer

Not A Parking Spot Philadelphia: 2017 Overview

In November 2017, Feet First Philly took over the twitter account NotAParkingSpotPhila, an outlet that advocates for pedestrian safety in Philadelphia. In only two months, Feet First Philly has been flooded with submissions, thank you emails, and responses from Philadelphians concerned for pedestrian safety. In total, Feet First Philly has received 40 submissions each violating […]


Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Kyle Block

What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk? Why did you decide to walk as your commute? I feel so thankful to live in a place where I can walk pretty much anywhere: the grocery store, library, pharmacy, park, and festivals. While it is such a luxury to be able live […]

Vision Zero PHL

Vision Zero Three Year Action Plan

Last week, the City of Philadelphia released its Vision Zero Three Year Action Plan  to the public. The initiative was started by Mayor Kenney to address the alarming rates of pedestrian deaths and serious injuries caused by vehicles. Philly currently has the most vehicle involved pedestrians deaths compared to other U.S cities including Los Angeles […]

Improving walkability through “placemaking”

One of the keys to walkability is that an area looks and feels like a good place to walk.  There are many features that are typical of such places, in particular, cleanliness, well-maintained properties, the presence of other pedestrians, and low crime.  To improve the perception of a place to pedestrians, certain small changes can […]

Article: “Distracted walking a growing phone-related danger”

Texting and walking is no laughing matter!  Last year, 1,152 people were admitted into hospital emergency rooms for “injuries suffered while walking and using a cellphone or some other electronic device.”  Phones, iPods, and other electronic devices take your attention away from your surroundings, making it easier to become a victim of a distracted walking […]

State Law: Turning Vehicles must Yield to Pedestrians

Pedestrian Safety and the Law

There are many laws in place that are meant to protect pedestrians.  In New Jersey, drivers must come to a complete stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk.  In PA, cars have to yield to pedestrians at intersections without a traffic signal, whether or not the crosswalk is marked.  Philadelphia law specifically states that vehicles may […]

NYC Will Expand 20 MPH Zones to 13 Neighborhoods, With More to Come

NYC is reducing speed limits to 20 mph in 13 neighborhoods throughout the city.  Lower speeds for cars make it safer for pedestrians–a collision with a vehicle traveling at 20 mph is 35% less likely to be fatal than one in which the car is going 30 mph. NYC Will Expand 20 MPH Zones to […]