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Self-Guided Walked Tours for PARK(ing) Day PHL

Headed to PARK(ing) Day PHL on September 21st? Pick up walking itineraries in Rittenhouse Square, Old City, and Chestnut Square East and complete the tour to get free entry to the Golden Cone Awards! Explore the parklets from the featured companies below and re-imagine our streets! Chestnut Square East JDavis Architects OLIN EwingCole PhillyCAM CHAD […]

Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Nick Zuwiala-Rogers

1) What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk? Why did you decide to walk as your commute? Being able to walk whether as a commute, to run errands, to visit a friend, or go out to dinner is one of the main draws to living in a dense area like […]

Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Kelly Edwards

What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk? Why did you decide to walk as your commute? The scenic Philly streets and access to shops and restaurants make Philadelphia a great place for walking. I often walk home from my job at 10th and Spring Garden all the way back to […]

Car on Sidewalk 13 and W Palmer

Not A Parking Spot Philadelphia: 2017 Overview

In November 2017, Feet First Philly took over the twitter account NotAParkingSpotPhila, an outlet that advocates for pedestrian safety in Philadelphia. In only two months, Feet First Philly has been flooded with submissions, thank you emails, and responses from Philadelphians concerned for pedestrian safety. In total, Feet First Philly has received 40 submissions each violating […]


Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Kyle Block

What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk? Why did you decide to walk as your commute? I feel so thankful to live in a place where I can walk pretty much anywhere: the grocery store, library, pharmacy, park, and festivals. While it is such a luxury to be able live […]


Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Chloe Finigan of Feet First Philly

Chloe Finigan, Transportation Outreach Coordinator at Clean Air Council, took some time to talk about her experiences as a pedestrian in Philly! She currently works as the support staff for Feet First Philly (FFP). If you would like to get involved with FFP, email feetfirstphilly@cleanair.org today.  What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long […]

Video: Life at 3 mph

Jonathon Stalls walked thousands of miles across the country. In this inspiring TED talk, he talks about how important walking is and how our car-oriented culture has caused many people to forget about the benefits of taking life at 3 miles per hour.

Friday Article Roundup – 4/12/13

Philly, Pittsburgh lauded for rails to trails successes: The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy recently recognized the Philadelphia-area agencies that collaborated to create the Circuit, the ever-expanding network of pedestrian and bicycle trails in the region. The article focuses on the Schuylkill River Trail, and the Grays Ferry Crescent addition in particular. This new portion of the trail […]

UPDATE: Article: Recent study shows that the shift to walkable urban places is good for the economy

The growing preference for walkable communities isn’t just a fad; there’s proof that it’s economically viable. A recent study by Christopher Leinberger, a professor at George Washington University, shows that rents for office space are 75% higher in walkable urban places in the D.C. metro area than in car-oriented suburbs. Walkable places fit more properties […]

Upcoming Walking Tours

Philadelphia’s compact street grid and numerous parks and trails help to make it an excellent place to experience on foot.  Don’t let the chilly weather put a damper on  your walk!  There’s still time to go on one of the many walking tours that are offered throughout the city!  While the tour season has ended […]