Sidewalks across the city are regularly closed for various reasons, including construction projects and utility work. All sidewalk closures need a permit, but unfortunately many sidewalks are closed illegally. Illegally closing a sidewalk, without following procedures to give pedestrians notice or create an alternate walkway, can give pedestrians no other option but to dangerously walk in the street, if they are physically able. If not, they can be stranded with no real options 

If you encounter a closed sidewalk you can use our infographic to identify if the sidewalk closure is permitted or not. If it is not permitted, you can follow the instructions of how to report it to 311, and our suggestions for follow up steps. You should also encourage your friends, family, neighbors and other pedestrians to report the illegally closed sidewalk to help elevate the case.

Reporting illegally closed sidewalks is one way to help protect pedestrians. Use our infographic to report illegally closed sidewalks in the city.