The Steering Committee volunteers oversee Feet First Philly and have the power to make decisions for the group, including how to allocate funding and grants and when and how to take action.

Interested in joining the Steering Committee? Fill out your application today. The Steering Committee holds bi-monthly General Meetings. Upcoming meetings:

Wednesday, October 13, 5:30pm to 7pm

Wednesday, December 8, 5:30pm to 7pm

Get to know our Steering Committee

Steering Committee Chair Jennifer Dougherty

Feet First Philly Chair Jen Dougherty

Jennifer Dougherty is is a life-long Philadelphian committed to making her hometown more livable by promoting walking, biking, and transit as attractive and safe primary transportation modes for all Philadelphians.

Jen is a trained City Planner and works at SEPTA where she serves as liaison with municipalities, planning commissions, and community organizations in addition to providing project management for large programs such as Trolley Modernization.  Prior to joining SEPTA in 2013, Jennifer worked at the Philadelphia City Planning Commission for seven years as a community planner specializing in civic engagement and comprehensive planning. 

Vice Chair Erika Morgan

Feet First Philly Vice Chair Erika Morgan

Erika L. R. Morgan is the vice-chair of Feet First Philly and helps to coordinate the communications subcommittee. She is living the Mount Airy dream in her orange crocs and crop tops. You can find Erika and her husband strolling Carpenter’s Lane or hiking in the Wissahickon.

Steering Committee Members

Steering Committee member Heather Hersh

Heather Hersh is a psychologist and a well-being consultant and coach. She loves supporting wellness in others, and walking through the city is one of her favorite ways to stay active. 

Steering Committee Member Fran Fulton

Fran Fulton is a Disability Rights Advocate whose major modes of travel are walking and public transit.

Steering Committee Member Daniel Trubman

Daniel Trubman is a steering committee member

Steering Committee Member Charles Carmalt

Charles Carmalt is a steering committee member

Clean Air Council Supporting Staff

Nick Zuwiala-Rogers, Transportation Program Director

Will Fraser, Transportation Project Manager

Titania Markland, Transportation Outreach Coordinator

Ptah Gabrie, GoPhillyGo Content Coordinator