Photo: Coeur d'Alene Pedestrian & Bicycle BlogElderly pedestrians have a greater risk of being killed by a vehicle while walking than younger people. A study by the Tri-State Transportation Campaign (which covers Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey) found that pedestrians over 60 are over 2 times as likely to be victims of vehicle-pedestrian collisions, as reported by in an article from the Associated Press.

A few of the reasons cited for the increased danger were that signals change too quickly for elderly pedestrians to cross, and some intersections lack pedestrian infrastructure such as sidewalks. This is especially disconcerting because many elderly people who do not drive rely on walking to get around. Here in Philadelphia, Feet First Philly is working toward ensuring that traffic signals offer pedestrians adequate time to cross the street.

Read the whole article at by clicking the link below.

Older pedestrians at greatest risk of being struck

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