Did you know that about 40% of trips in urban areas are 2 miles or less?  That means they would take about 40 minutes to walk, yet 90% of these trips are made by car.  It costs a lot to run a car (about $5,170 per year, in fact).  Plus, driving is one of the most pollution-producing activities we undertake; each car in the U.S. releases an average of almost 3 1/2 tons of harmful CO2 into the air per year.

So why not complete these relatively short trips by walking instead?  The health benefits of walking are abundant, and walking produces zero emissions.  You can help reduce your carbon footprint by participating in the 2-mile challenge!

The 2-mile challenge is a 30-day pledge to make all trips under 2 miles by bike or on foot.  Even if you don’t commit to a full 30 days, every trip where you opt for active transportation (be it by bike, foot, pogo stick, etc.) instead of your car is one trip’s worth less air pollution.

Don’t get sucked in by the apparent convenience of the car.  If you’re making trips under 2 miles, accept the challenge to go car free and bike or walk instead!

For more information, see this article detailing one participant’s experience with the 2-mile challenge.

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