June 15, 2017

Dear Feet First Philly Members,

As many of you may have heard, transportation advocate Peter Javsicas passed away this week due to injuries he sustained from being hit by a car while walking at 16th Street and John F. Kennedy Boulevard. Peter was someone who spent his life advocating for the safety and encouragement for multimodal transportation, and fighting for this change is something we are passionate to do in honor of his memory.

In the light of this recent event, and in an attempt to bring awareness to the severity of the issue, we are asking for you to send us stories of your experiences as a pedestrian on JFK Boulevard and Market Street. Everyone is a pedestrian at some point, and as pedestrians in Philadelphia, these are two of the most dangerous streets to walk on. These streets are designed more like highways than center city streets that accommodate pedestrians and cyclists in high volumes. Therefore, we will be advocating for change by bringing real accounts of pedestrian experiences on these streets to Council President Darrell Clarke’s office, in order to shed light on the larger issue at hand. We hope that by bringing your stories to the Councilman, we can work to make both JFK Boulevard and Market Street safer through targeted interventions.

Any help in these efforts is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to reading and sharing your stories. No story is too short, or unimportant. We want to hear any experiences you have that tell us why quick action needs to be taken to make JFK and Market safer streets for all of us. Please e-mail your stories to feetfirstphilly@cleanair.org. Thank you for your involvement and support.

The Feet First Philly Steering Committee




2 thoughts on “Pedestrian Fatalities Can Be Prevented: We Need Your Help

  1. As a train commuter to Jefferson each day, it was always a crisis of faith to cross Market and Chestnut Sts. Will they not make that turn while I am crossing with a green light on the white striped area? Sometimes yes sometimes no. I always kept my eyes on the cars and not have blind faith. I didn’t want to become a patient in my own hospital!


  2. 😔 This is horrible, and tragic. I feel for your friends loss. When I was going to UArts in Philly, I was struck by a Cab Driver on JFK and Market, That very same intersection. I was lucky he was not going very fast and got away with a totaled bike and fractured wrist. Its absurd that over a decade later they still haven’t fixed that area.


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