This spring, Feet First Philly partnered with Temple University’s Office of Sustainability to bring a second walk audit certification to campus. Students who completed the introductory walk audit course were offered the opportunity to engage in a more focused quantitative walk audit concentrating on a single intersection instead of a corridor. 

The  virtual walk audit training emphasized in-depth analysis and learning about the study area through research on the walk audit location’s institutional actors, past current and future planning initiatives, demographics, and history. Students worked in groups, and decided on an intersection of concern. They gathered data evaluating five themes including crossing streets and Intersections, sidewalks, driver behavior, safety, comfort and appeal. Students presented their rationale for choosing the study area, broke down their findings, and explored solutions to address the challenges they discovered.

Undergraduate and graduate students from five different majors and disciplines collaborated to perform walk audits over the past two semesters. Students learned different ways to address walkability concerns and become an active and engaged steward and citizen, helping them develop into future civic leaders of Philadelphia. If you are interested in learning more about walk audits and would like to host a walk audit in your neighborhood reach out to or check out our virtual walk audit training.

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