Last month,  Feet First Philly, represented by Titania Markland, Clean Air Council’s Transportation Outreach Coordinator, joined the Fairmount Park We Walk PHL group for an exciting, welcoming, and fun walk in West Fairmount Park. The group met at Concourse lake in West Philly, and did some stretching exercises before walking and exploring the unique habitat.

We had an amazing experience learning from Scott Quitel, founder and CEO of LandHealth Institute, about Concourse Lake, the tributaries that feed in and out of the lake, and the natural properties of native plants that are within the area. We Walk PHL promotes walking for exercise, and provides opportunities to learn while you explore the natural gems of the city.

The walk and exploration lasted for approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The group learned about the different trees, flowers, and plants along the walking path, and had the opportunity to see different birds. The group was excited and took pictures of the wildlife they saw. 

We were excited to share different resources for pedestrians that Feet First Philly provides, and the types of advocacy work we do. At the end of the walk everyone stretched again, then after a cool down, everyone headed their separate ways.  
If you are interested in learning more or joining a We Walk PHL group, please visit their  Facebook page or visit Fairmount Park Conservancy’s website. Join a We Walk PHL group and stay active while exploring amazing greenspaces and fun natural areas in the city.