This project/program was funded (in part) by the Pa. Department of Health’s Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant.

This is part two of this year’s Public Space Enhancement Mini-grant awards (see previous mini-grant announcement for part one, the first five mini-grant winners). These mini-grants are aimed at enhancing public space through supporting community groups, individuals, or even businesses to complete projects that create safety, improve beauty, improve cleanliness, and even provide open spaces for community members to gather.  Feet First Philly is excited to reveal the final three mini-grants this year below. All eight organizations awarded this year are doing amazing work that we feel privileged to make a small contribution towards.

All in the Family CDC – will be obtaining preliminary design service from the Community Design Collaborative for a community park space. Preliminary design is very important for the beginning stage of this development to ensure community input and voices are heard.

Urban Tree Connection – is completing the third phase of reviving Memorial Garden which is an open park space that UTC has stewarded for the past 13 years. Funding will enhance stewardship to build community ownership of the garden and develop community events such as regular clean-ups, walking tours, and a Spring Launch Day.

Friends of Adaire – will install planters along the curbside edge of Earl Street to prevent sidewalk parking that endangers pedestrians, especially children walking to and from school daily. This project will be directly supported with funds from Feet First Philly’s Giving Tuesday and End of Year fundraisers. Thank you to everyone who donated to help protect vulnerable road users.