Photo: Flying Kite MediaPhiladelphia has been acclaimed for its vast network of parks and open space, which provides citizens with access not only to green space and playgrounds, but to a variety of programs, such as farmers’ markets, that enhance the quality of life for city residents.  Enhancing and expanding the parks are components of the goals for Greenworks Philadelphia, the city’s plan for becoming the most sustainable city in the country.  One of the plan’s initiatives aims to improve equity by “[providing] park and recreation resources within 10 minutes of 75 percent of residents.”  As part of the Green 2015 Initiative, the city and PennPraxis (a branch of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design) found that this goal had been exceeded; parks and recreational space currently exists within 10 minutes of 80% of residents.  (The Green 2015 initiative is a project associated with Greenworks that is geared toward increasing open space by 2015.)

The city is also well on its way to another goal–providing 500 new acres of parkland for the Philadelphia residents and visitors to enjoy.  One hundred acres have been added since 2009, according to the 2012 Greenworks progress report.  The most recent additions to the Philadelphia park system are Sister Cities Park, Lardner’s Point Park, Grays Ferry Crescent, and Hawthorne Park.  Read more about them in PlanPhilly’s update on parks created this summer.

View the 2012 Greenworks update report here.

To find a neighborhood park near you, visit this page on the website of the Philadelphia Department of Parks and Recreation.

To learn about the Philadelphia Parks Alliance, which advocates and provides financial support for the city’s parks, click here.

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