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Sign Issues at Construction Sites

When you approach a construction site and the sidewalk is closed, you may see two kinds of signs that are required by the City. One kind of sign should guide you safely around or through the construction zone.  The other kind of sign should inform you that the sidewalk closure is legal, and should let […]

Trails, pedestrian projects, and development buzz around Philly

First, the bad news: The future for funding the region’s pedestrian and bike trails is uncertain, as the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission has reached the bottom of a $10 million grant for trails provided by the William Penn Foundation. Regional trail advocates will have to look elsewhere for dedicated funding for trail projects in […]

Friday Links – 8/30/13

Happy Friday!  Wherever your feet take you this Labor Day weekend, we suggest you take some time to peruse the latest pedestrian news. The Atlantic Cities: Americans are driving less, and the economy is not (entirely) to blame. A recent report found no relationship between reductions in driving at the state level and the health of […]

There’s a walk or run for everyone!

Walking, whether for transportation or exercise, carries many health benefits, but it doesn’t have to be your only source of physical activity.  If running is more your speed, check out, where you can find out about races going on in and around Philadelphia. Some of these runs and walks take place on the region’s […]

Show your support for trails in the Philadelphia region!

The city recently celebrated the opening of two new trails, the Penn Street Trail and the 58th Street Greenway.  The Penn Street Trail runs along the Delaware River and will part of a continuous 5-mile path that wil be called the Delaware Waterfront Trail.  The 58th Street Greenway is part of the East Coast Greenway, and […]

“Baltimore Crossing” pedestrian plaza improves walkability on Baltimore Ave.

Last week, University City District completed a new pedestrian plaza that they are calling Baltimore Crossing.  The new pedestrian plaza greatly improves walkability at 48th and Baltimore.  As PlanPhilly reports, the five-pointed intersection was “notoriously wide [and] difficult to cross.”  Now, the intersection is now replete with planters and stone barriers on painted bump-outs that […]

Friday Links – 6/7/13

Here’s a roundup of the latest pedestrian news, brought to you by Feet First Philly. Have a great weekend! AARP’s Livable Communities initiative aims to create “great places for all ages.” In this article on their website, Sarah Clark Stuart of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is praised for her work on bike and […]

Draft Philadelphia Trail Master Plan released

Philadelphia’s City Planning Commission has released a draft of their Trail Master Plan.  The plan provides maps and an inventory of the numerous existing and proposed trails in Philadelphia.  It also outlines best practices in trail building, defines the different types of trails in Philadelphia, and prioritizes the city’s trail projects. The creation of the Trail […]

Image: Dominic Bracco II / Prime

Article: Mexico City creates public spaces from vacant areas under freeways

In many American cities (not just in the U.S.), highway infrastructure has changed the urban landscape and created new challenges for planners. Mexico City has developed a unique strategy for dealing with one of these challenges; namely, the empty space under highway overpasses.  These areas, which were previously occupied by vagrants and unlicensed parking lots, […]

Event: Spring Garden Connector St. Meeting

Interested in improving access to the Delaware River waterfront? The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation is holding a public meeting tomorrow at 6:30 pm regarding their next project, the Spring Garden Connector Street. According to DRWC’s Master Plan for the Central Delaware, “streets that connect the city and waterfront will be green and pedestrian-friendly.”