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Sign Issues at Construction Sites

When you approach a construction site and the sidewalk is closed, you may see two kinds of signs that are required by the City. One kind of sign should guide you safely around or through the construction zone.  The other kind of sign should inform you that the sidewalk closure is legal, and should let […]

Link roundup, 10/24/13

Hey, Philly pedestrians! Sorry if our lack of recent blog posts has got you down. To make up for it, here’s a roundup of news and events that may be of interest to you. (It looks like Halloween festivities are taking over the city in full force this weekend!) Cities such as Atlanta are reversing […]

Police to crack down on traffic violations

The roads are about to get a lot more orderly (and hopefully a lot safer in the process).  This month, the Philadelphia police announced that they would crack down on traffic violations by increasing police presence on the city’s streets.  This means that all road users – drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike – will be […]

Pedestrian walking speed affects how we plan

Today’s news is all about walking speed.  Traffic signals are required by federal regulations to provide adequate time for pedestrians to cross.  But just how much time is adequate?  It depends on many factors, including the size and type of the intersection and how fast you are able to cross the street. In an article published […]

Friday Links – 6/7/13

Here’s a roundup of the latest pedestrian news, brought to you by Feet First Philly. Have a great weekend! AARP’s Livable Communities initiative aims to create “great places for all ages.” In this article on their website, Sarah Clark Stuart of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is praised for her work on bike and […]

Article: Drivers at fault in ped crashes do not face charges

Over the past century, the interests of the auto industry have usually won out over the interests and safety of pedestrians. Because the latter do not typically have the same kind of lobbying power to influence lawmakers, vehicle-pedestrian crashes are all too often seen as unfortunate accidents. A five-year study of fatal pedestrian crashes found that […]

Friday Links for May 10, 2013

Pedestrian fatality rates vary by demographic: The chilling facts about pedestrian fatalities reveal that certain groups are much more likely than others to be injured or killed while walking.  As reported on, a report by the Centers for Disease Control found that members of certain groups, including the elderly, minorities, and males in general, are killed by vehicles in disproportionate […]

“Seeing Eye People” draw attention to the hazards of texting and walking

As part of a prank staged by New York City-based collective Improv Everywhere, people dressed in orange vests pretended to be city employees acting as “seeing-eye people” for texting and walking. While the concept may sound absurd, it calls attention to how hazardous texting and walking can really be for pedestrians. Make sure to stay […]

Notes from the Greater Philadelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Summit

On Tuesday, April 30, the Philadelphia Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities and DVRPC held a summit on the state of walking and biking in our fair city.  Here are some takeaways from Tuesday’s summit that may be of interest to pedestrians. Ongoing trail network expansion Jeannette Brugger of the Planning Commission and Chris Linn of […]

More cars, more problems: Growing cities must provide mobility alternatives

Cities are growing in population worldwide.  Over half of the global population now lives in urban areas, and that figure is expected to increase to 75% by 2050.  However, if current trends continue, more people will mean more cars than cities can support.  The number of cars worldwide has already surpassed one billion, and it […]