City Council Candidate Survey: Maria Quiñones-Sanchez, 7th District Candidate

Candidate: Maria Quiñones-Sanchez, 7th District Candidate

This questionnaire was sent to every candidate no matter the party affiliation. Feet First Philly does not endorse any particular candidate and provides the responses to the public for informational purposes only.


If elected, what would you do to promote walking in Philadelphia?

Education and advocacy is a critical first step to encouraging Philadelphians to replace short automobile trips with walking. I am working with the Planning Commission to achieve the multimodal goal of increasing walking, biking, and transit by 10%.

If elected what would you do to ensure that all Philadelphians can reach their destination safely?

At City Council, my policy work as Chair of the Committee on Licenses & Inspections and Vice-Chair of the Committee on Streets is focused on community safety through best practices in sidewalk design, traffic signals, street crossings, and construction activity. As a
District Councilmember, I work daily with these departments to ensure that these policies constantly evolve with neighborhood conditions.


Vision Zero and Pedestrian Traffic Deaths

Do you support VisionZero?

Yes, and I approach our three-year action plan with urgency because our government has the capacity to save lives and make our streets safer for our families.

How would you improve the walkability of our neighborhoods through Vision Zero?

Vision Zero importantly focuses on community engagement, to connect educators, community leaders, planners, and enforcement on pedestrian safety curriculum. Education is critical to ensuring street design effectively enhances the pedestrian experience.

According to an NBC10 report, there are 40 hit-and-runs per day, creating an epidemic in Philadelphia. In 2018, there were over 100 traffic fatalities in Philadelphia. In your view, what can you, as an elected official, do about this epidemic?

I am proud to represent a Council District at the heart of Vision Zero reform. Already in 2019, I am working with the community on substantial changes to safety on the unacceptably dangerous Roosevelt Boulevard corridor as well as unprecedented Slow Zone
investments to increase safety for children and families in our neighborhoods through a traffic calming toolbox that is specific to the needs of each community.



If elected, what would you do to ensure adequate sidewalk repair and crosswalk maintenance?

As Chair of Appropriations, I will continue to ensure that our city adequately funds sidewalk repair and crosswalk maintenance. As discussed above, I am committed to working with our Departments of Streets and Licenses and Inspections to report substandard sidewalks and ensure their repairs meet national standards.

If elected, what would you do to ensure our more vulnerable citizens could adequately and safely get around?

Multimodal transportation is particularly critical to vulnerable citizens who rely on efficiencies to keep their families warm, safe, and healthy. As a representative of the 7th City Council District, I have legislated affordable, transit-oriented development in order to improve access for the hard-working residents of my district.

If elected, what would you do to end illegal sidewalk and crosswalk parking in Philadelphia?

I will continue to work with our Streets Department to track blocked sidewalks and construction permits, to extend recent pedestrian safety legislation, and to increase enforcement of blocked sidewalks. The advocacy of Feet First has critically empowered policymakers to elevate this issue and affect resource-driven change.


Construction Projects

If elected, what would you do to ensure developers provide a safe walking & crossing area for pedestrians to use in all neighborhoods?

I helped City Council adopt construction and demolition safety standards, as well as pedestrian crosswalk standards, which account for today’s development environment. However, I still spend the waking hours of each day reporting unenforced violations to my district commissioners. Ultimately, we need enough boots on the ground to make the city more accessible. Council President’s proposal for traffic safety officers is a step in the right direction towards pedestrian safety and accessibility.


Final Question

Where is your favorite place in Philadelphia to walk and what makes it so great?

Norris Square Park.

Philadelphia park squares not only provide neighborhood identity but provide a space for
residents to get together. NS has a senior center, hospital, Restaurant, bar, church and non-profit
youth group. All important institutions that make a neighborhood and provide for
intergenerational bonding among residents

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