Photo: Minnesota DOTThis article from Science Daily draws attention to the fact that many Americans live a sedentary lifestyle.  But what exactly does that mean?  How sedentary are we?  Well, according to a recent study, less than a quarter of Americans walks for more than ten consecutive minutes in a typical week.  The researchers partially attribute this phenomenon to policies that have shaped the built environment to favor cars instead of accommodating pedestrians, leading to the conclusion that transportation policy and health are strongly linked.

While certain policies have not favored walking, Philadelphia has the advantage of already being a walkable place.  It’s easy to take the opportunity to walk!  A simple lifestyle change is all that is necessary to see the improvements to cardiovascular health that being active can afford.

Walking doesn’t have to be just a leisure activity; if you have a short trip ahead of you that you would normally make by car, consider walking instead!  The health benefits are well worth it.

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