Feet First Philly’s “Where’s my effin’ sidewalk?” photo contest has come to an end, and the winners have been chosen!  Below are the photos that won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.  The photos were judged based on the strength of the statement they made about sidewalk encroachments–things that get in the way of pedestrians’ regular use of the sidewalk.  Each one of the photos below exemplifies an issue that pedestrians regularly face in Philadelphia.

Most sidewalk encroachments are preventable, and some of them are illegal.  We need your help to bring attention to these when they arise.  If you come across something you think is a code violation, like a construction site that blocks the sidewalk but does not provide adequate signage, report it to Philly 311 by using the mobile app or by going to this website and submitting a request to have the problem fixed.  This is one way that you can help to keep Philadelphia walkable.

Congratulations to the contest winners!  The winning photos appear below.

1st place: Photo #18 (Lauren Wolf)

Photo credit: Lauren Wolf
Flooding has become such a regular occurrence at the intersection of Locust and Delhi streets that the graffiti on the sidewalk reads “No Diving.”

2nd place: Photo #31 (Kristen Albee)

Photo Credit: Kristen Albee
Because the construction project at South and Kater streets has blocked off the parking lane in addition to the sidewalk, this pedestrian is forced to walk where cars and bikes travel.

3rd place: Photo #42 (Grace Wang)

Cars are parked on the construction site behind a fence and this "Sidewalk Closed" sign on Arch Street between 19th and 20th, forcing pedestrians to cross mid-block.
At a construction site on Arch Street between 19th and 20th, cars are parked on the sidewalk behind a  “Sidewalk Closed” sign, forcing pedestrians to cross mid-block.

4 thoughts on “Photo contest winners announced!

  1. I was so happy to see that Delhi Street won 1st prize, but crestfallen to read the caption under

    the prize winning photo. The puddle and “No diving” signs are at the intersection of Locust and Delhi Streets, (not Hutchinson).


  2. The picture really is Delhi Street. I’ve lived on Delhi Street for 23 years. If you look at the photo

    there is a tree trunk showing, but if you stand on Hutchinson, there is no tree, but there is a street light.


    1. Whoops, sorry about that! The original description of the intersection was that it was “between 9th and 10th streets.” Both Delhi and Hutchinson fit this description, but it is obvious from the tree in the picture and the size of the sidewalk segments that it is in fact Delhi Street. Thanks for your observation!


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