Article: Designing good cities for walking has posted excerpts from acclaimed Danish Architect Jan Gehl's book "Cities for People."  When it comes to designing a good public space for people to linger in or walk through, Jan Gehl has it practically down to a science.  For instance, he says that 1,640 feet is the distance most pedestrians find to be an … Continue reading Article: Designing good cities for walking

Feet First Philly at Greenfest!

This year, Feet First Philly will be at Greenfest Philly, the largest environmental festival in Philadelphia!  Greenfest takes place on Sunday, September 9th, 2012 from 11 to 5 in Headhouse Square at 2nd & South Streets.  Check out our table for information on Feet First Philly and our ongoing photo contest, called "Where's my effin' sidewalk?".