Discover Philadelphia’s historic alley streets

Philadelphia has a rich history that dates back to the 17th century, which is quite a long time long before cars ruled the road.  Many of the city’s earlier streets were designed not only for horses and carriages, but for people as well.  To this day, more than a few such streets still remain.  Although they may be termed “alleys,” they are more than just the home of delivery entrances for buildings on nearby streets.  In fact, many of these alleys are quiet residential streets themselves.  They are typically narrow, paved with cobblestones, and lined with mature street trees and historic rowhomes built close to the curb–factors that make them very walkable.

Feet First Philly has teamed up with Walk Score to showcase this unique asset of the Philadelphia streetscape by creating a map of quaint pedestrian-friendly alleys.  Just go to to view pictures of some of the alleys, along with their location.  Using this tool, you can create your own walking tour of the city’s historic alleys!  Most of the streets highlighted on the map are located in Washington Square West and Society Hill.  Feel free to add your own pictures to the map when you discover more of Philadelphia’s great alley streets!


Walk Score hosts local holiday shopping giveaway

In addition to promoting interesting places, Walk Score is an advocate for small business.  This holiday season, they are encouraging people to shop at local businesses for the holidays with a $500 giveaway!  Simply take a picture of your favorite local business, upload it to the Walk Score website on the website itself or by using their smartphone app, and tag it #walkshop.  The winner will be chosen on December 10th.  For more information, go to

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