Tomorrow, May 13, from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m., the Final plan for East and West Fairmount Park will be presented to the public at Smith Memorial Playground. The plan includes many recommendation to improve pedestrian access to and through the park. Chief among them are: new signalized crossings of Kelly Drive at Girard Avenue and south of the Strawberry Mansion bridge at the Mander Recreation Center; a new signalized crossing of MLK Drive at Black Road; signalizing the intersections of Parkside Avenue at 49th and 50th Streets; two new river crossings; and many new trails.

There are many exciting proposals in the plan. The biggest questions will probably be about implementation – which of the recommendations will actually happen, and how soon? Tuesday’s meeting is the final opportunity for public input, so please attend if you want to comment.

For more information, go to

Also, check PlanPhilly tomorrow for a full copy of the draft plan.

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