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Scroll down, and use the link to access a printable version of the new walk audit tool

Feet First Philly has released a new walk audit tool with the goal of being more approachable than a traditional, more detailed walk audit. For several years now, we have worked with partners to conduct walk audits in their community that take a deep dive into the measurements of sidewalks and street crossings; the timing of traffic lights; the counting of vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians; and more.

These audits have helped quantify the issues at a particular intersection and help lead to solutions to advocate for at that location. We realized, however, that this is really a second step in pedestrian advocacy, once a priority intersection with a safety issue has been identified.

As a first step, this new walk audit tool can be used to evaluate the overall pedestrian experience along a corridor or neighborhood, identify particular good points or bad points for pedestrians in the area, and the best part is that anyone can do it. This new tool can be used by residents, community leaders, planners, other professionals, or visitors.

We worked with Mark Fenton, a national advocate for walkability to develop this walk audit. The tool assesses the walkability of an area through five lenses: mixed uses, network connections, functional site designs, safety and accessibility, and comfort and appeal. The walk audit is best done with a group of people with diverse perspectives, and everyone’s input is important.

Check out the walk audit here, and stay tuned for our workshop on how to conduct this audit in your neighborhood coming this Spring.

Walk Audit Training


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