Feet First Philly recently made updates to our website to make it more accessible for the visually impaired, thanks to feedback provided by a user. We are committed to accessibility and inclusivity, particularly for people with disabilities, and we welcome any feedback on how we can do better. With that in mind, we want to also spread the word about three simple things anyone who maintains a website can do to make it more accessible:

  1. Include a caption with any photos on your website.
  2. Use colors for type and background that have a high level of contrast with each other.
  3. Turn on the focus indicator so that users can go through each element on the website using their TAB key.

We are always eager to receive feedback on how else we can be as accessible as possible to all Philadelphians, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us at feetfirstphilly@cleanair.org.

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