Feet First Philly partnered with Temple University’s Office of Sustainability in October to launch a Walk Audit Certification Program for students. Over twenty graduate and undergraduate students from five colleges including Fox School of Business and Tyler School of Art and Architecture participated in the certification program. The two-part training taught students how to evaluate the pedestrian experience and conduct a qualitative walk audit. 

Students practiced their walk audit skills by conducting an audit of a 3 block area on campus in 4 person groups. Students presented their findings to the group, evaluating the corridor by highlighting strengths of walkability and making recommendations for improvements. 

The Walk Audit Certification program provided students with skills, tools, and resources to evaluate and advocate for healthy, safe, and sustainable neighborhoods. Feet First Philly and Temple’s Office of Sustainability plan to offer the certification again in 2021 and continue training student leaders to be better neighbors and more engaged citizens.

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