Pedestrian of Philadelphia Titania Markland

What is your experience as a pedestrian on an average day? How long do you walk/run?

As an athlete and pedestrian, I generally walk/run an average of 4-5 miles on a typical day. Walking is my main way of getting around the city, followed by taking public transportation. I enjoy walking for exercise, transportation, and the ability to enjoy nature. 

How can Philadelphia make pedestrian environments safer for everyone?

The city can be safer by improving pedestrian infrastructures like sidewalks, having connected sidewalks throughout the city, and keeping them clean and attractive. Making the speed limits slower is also something Philadelphia can do to help protect pedestrians.

Why do you think walking/rolling is important?

I think walking/rolling is important for many different reasons but to name a few: walking/rolling is a form of exercise, it can help with various health issues such as weight loss. Walking is a free mode of transportation that can help us to save money as we don’t need to worry about fuel or parking. It has environmental benefits as it is a carbon-free mode of transportation.

If you could change one thing to the pedestrian environment what would it be?

I would make better sidewalks with proper lighting so people can feel safe while walking at different times of the day, especially during the winter months when the mornings are darker and in the evenings when the sun sets earlier.

What makes Philadelphia a great walking/rolling city?

Philadelphia is a great walking/rolling city as there are a lot of parks, historical sites, and great artistic designs throughout the city which adds to the scenery while walking or rolling thus promoting comfort. Some areas of Philadelphia are more walkable and attractive than others, but I do believe that with continuous work around pedestrian infrastructure and safety, the entire city can be improved.

My top 3 favorite places to go for a run in Philadelphia

I enjoy long runs on trails and even along the streets when there are not a lot of cars parked on the sidewalks. My top 3 favorite places to go are in no particular order: Cobbs Creek Trail, Belmont Plateau, and along the MLK Drive which has been closed to cars since the pandemic.

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