Flex delineator posts near Somerton Regional Rail Station

Somerton resident Timothy Worstall has advocated for pedestrian safety improvements on Station Road leading to SEPTA’s Somerton Regional Rail Station in Northeast Philadelphia for the past four years over concerns regarding high traffic volume and a lack of safe pedestrian access approaching Somerton Regional Rail Station. Worstall reached out to Feet First Philly one year ago after creating a resident petition, photos documenting the hazardous road conditions, and contacting SEPTA, Streets Department, PennDOT, and local elected officials with no resolution. 

Feet First Philly met with Worstall at the Somerton Station to learn more about his safety concerns and see first hand how difficult and dangerous access to the station was. Feet First Philly continued to work on this issue over the course of this year helping Worstall present at several Somerton Civic Association meetings and collaborating with him and local newspaper the Northeast Times to have a story about his issue published. Feet First Philly partnered with Liberty Resources, which advocates for and works with persons with disabilities, and Somerton Civic Association to pressure city agencies and elected officials to improve this dangerous stretch of road and install pedestrian safety enhancements. 

After several years of advocacy from Worstall, the Streets Department announced a plan to install delineator posts around the edge of Station Road to create a clear boundary for vehicles and the reflective posts were installed in early November. This slowed traffic, limited illegal parking, and created safe access for pedestrians traveling along Station Road to the regional rail station. Mr. Worstall’s persistence and tenacity paid off with safer transit access for his neighbors and fellow commuters.

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