Our Public Space Enhancement Mini-grant Program recently received additional funding from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, which allowed Feet First Philly to award six (6) more mini-grants! These projects were selected from the list of projects received in our recent round of proposals earlier this year.

Feet First Philly is excited to reveal these additional projects, and feels privileged to make a small contribution towards the great work that these organizations are doing in their respective communities. 

Friends of Adaire – This group is dedicated to protecting students and families who walk and bike to Adaire Elementary school. This project will install bike racks to prevent illegal parking on the sidewalk, and encourage more biking in the area.

Faith Fellowship Baptist Church – This project is called ‘Project GROW’ (Gardens Refining Open Ways). It will be a pocket park that contains a vegetable garden for residents to enjoy. The aim of this project is to create a community space and encourage residents to spend time in nature.

West Mt Airy Neighbors – This group will develop a junior tree tenders program that will engage multiple schools in the Mt Airy neighborhood. This will train students and children of the community to be actively involved with greening the area and increasing the number of trees.

East Falls Development Corporation – This project is called ‘Creating Bikeability Along Ridge Avenue.’ It will increase bikeability in the area by installing multiple bike racks that are open to the public. 

Friends of Ogden Park – This project is located in the Francisville neighborhood. The project will improve the park space by installing new benches, signage, and trees.

Greater Bustleton Civic League – This project aims to improve visibility under a train trestle at Grant Ave. The organization will install lighting to make pedestrians safer through this corridor. 

These projects will all improve public spaces and increase safety and accessibility for pedestrians in their neighborhoods.

This program was funded in part by the Pa. Department of Health’s Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant.