The May primary is about two months away, and a wide field of candidates has emerged to replace Philadelphia’s term limited mayor. Each candidate has a unique platform and vision for how they plan to address the many quality of life issues Philadelphians face, and how they will work with City Council to make their platform a reality. This year, Philadelphians have the opportunity to pick a Mayor who will oversee major infrastructure projects and policy decisions that have a real impact on the lives of Philadelphians.

Feet First Philly is dedicated to keeping you informed about issues that affect pedestrians and supporting smart policy decisions that prioritize walking and rolling. That’s why our team created a questionnaire for all the Mayoral candidates on how they plan to make the city safer for pedestrians. The questionnaire was sent to all the candidates and responses were collected and reviewed by Feet First Philly and Clean Air Action Fund who will be evaluating the candidates’ responses.

The information collected will be part of a panel discussion at the next Feet First Philly General Meeting on Thursday, March 23 at 6pm. Panelists include Nicole Brunet (Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia), Tom Fitzgerald (The Philadelphia Inquirer), and Dena Driscoll (5th Square). 

All Feet First Philly General Meetings are free and open to the public. Join us on March 23 at 6pm and learn how the candidates will make Philadelphia safer for pedestrians.