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Police to crack down on traffic violations

The roads are about to get a lot more orderly (and hopefully a lot safer in the process).  This month, the Philadelphia police announced that they would crack down on traffic violations by increasing police presence on the city’s streets.  This means that all road users – drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike – will be […]

Article: History tells us that the end of the car era may be closer than we think

This article in The Atlantic Cities compares the car to older technologies such as the steamboat.  At one point, it may have been hard to picture a society without these vessels, which played a huge role in the transportation of freight in the 1800’s.  However, thanks to technological developments since then, the steamboat has become […]

More cars, more problems: Growing cities must provide mobility alternatives

Cities are growing in population worldwide.  Over half of the global population now lives in urban areas, and that figure is expected to increase to 75% by 2050.  However, if current trends continue, more people will mean more cars than cities can support.  The number of cars worldwide has already surpassed one billion, and it […]

Article: America is a Walking Disaster

This article from The Atlantic Cities explains how car-oriented design and policies have made suburban areas inhospitable for pedestrians.  For example, as one contributor to the Greater Greater Washington blog found out, it can take as much as 8 1/2 minutes to legally cross a suburban street!  How can we shift policy and design to […]

Cover of Speck's "Walkable City"

Article: Ten steps of walkability

Walkable City, the new book by urban planner Jeff Speck, has been getting a lot of attention.  It’s been touted as one of the top ten planning books of 2013, and it’s a valuable read for anyone interested in the benefits of walkability (for more info, read this interview with the author over at The Atlantic Cities).  Kaid Benfield […]