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Friday Links – 8/30/13

Happy Friday!  Wherever your feet take you this Labor Day weekend, we suggest you take some time to peruse the latest pedestrian news. The Atlantic Cities: Americans are driving less, and the economy is not (entirely) to blame. A recent report found no relationship between reductions in driving at the state level and the health of […]

“Baltimore Crossing” pedestrian plaza improves walkability on Baltimore Ave.

Last week, University City District completed a new pedestrian plaza that they are calling Baltimore Crossing.  The new pedestrian plaza greatly improves walkability at 48th and Baltimore.  As PlanPhilly reports, the five-pointed intersection was “notoriously wide [and] difficult to cross.”  Now, the intersection is now replete with planters and stone barriers on painted bump-outs that […]

Friday links for 5/31/13

New York Times: A Streetcorner Serenade for the Public Plaza.  The New York City Department of Transportation is focusing on projects that can be completed quickly, easily and with relatively little investment in order to turn underutilized spaces into public plazas.  Many other cities, including Philly, have had great success creating public spaces like this.  As […]