New York Times: A Streetcorner Serenade for the Public Plaza.  The New York City Department of Transportation is focusing on projects that can be completed quickly, easily and with relatively little investment in order to turn underutilized spaces into public plazas.  Many other cities, including Philly, have had great success creating public spaces like this.  As the author of this article states, people gravitate to public places “to be in the middle of things.”

Plan Philly: Parking Authority unveils facelift plans for 8th & Filbert garage.  The looming parking garage at 8th and Filbert recently became the location of PPA’s headquarters, and the Authority has announced that they will renovate the garage.  Their plans include streetscape and facade improvements, which are intended to make the adjacent streets, especially 8th Street underneath the imposing structure, a bit more pedestrian-friendly.

A pedestrian street in Pittsburgh: Strawberry Way in downtown Pittsburgh is a small street that sees high pedestrian traffic.  However, the street had an unwelcoming feel until the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership installed lighting and public art.  This street, Strawberry Way, is now the perfect venue for a local church’s yearly Strawberry Festival (click here for picture).

The Philly Cycling Classic is being held this Sunday, June 2nd, in Manayunk and Fairmount Park, so if you’re going for a walk in one of these areas this weekend, watch out for large crowds and re-routed traffic.

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