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Friday Links – 8/30/13

Happy Friday!  Wherever your feet take you this Labor Day weekend, we suggest you take some time to peruse the latest pedestrian news. The Atlantic Cities: Americans are driving less, and the economy is not (entirely) to blame. A recent report found no relationship between reductions in driving at the state level and the health of […]

Friday links for 5/31/13

New York Times: A Streetcorner Serenade for the Public Plaza.  The New York City Department of Transportation is focusing on projects that can be completed quickly, easily and with relatively little investment in order to turn underutilized spaces into public plazas.  Many other cities, including Philly, have had great success creating public spaces like this.  As […]

Image: Chicago Loop Alliance

Call them what you will, open streets/play streets/ciclovias provide valuable opportunities for recreation

As the weather warms up, it’s not unusual to see parks and playgrounds crowded with both the young and the young-at-heart.  But technically, these are not the city’s only public spaces; there are miles upon miles of public streets.  What if these spaces, too, were available for people to enjoy?  Open streets projects aim to make this happen.  Known […]

“Seeing Eye People” draw attention to the hazards of texting and walking

As part of a prank staged by New York City-based collective Improv Everywhere, people dressed in orange vests pretended to be city employees acting as “seeing-eye people” for texting and walking. While the concept may sound absurd, it calls attention to how hazardous texting and walking can really be for pedestrians. Make sure to stay […]

Evidence abounds for walkability as an economic development tool

Why do we need walkable communities?  Well, in addition to the health benefits of walking and the decreased environmental impact of car-free transportation, it turns out that walkability has an overwhelmingly positive effect on local economies.  There is a growing body of evidence that walking increases economic activity and that pedestrians can be a key […]

NYC Will Expand 20 MPH Zones to 13 Neighborhoods, With More to Come

NYC is reducing speed limits to 20 mph in 13 neighborhoods throughout the city.  Lower speeds for cars make it safer for pedestrians–a collision with a vehicle traveling at 20 mph is 35% less likely to be fatal than one in which the car is going 30 mph. NYC Will Expand 20 MPH Zones to […]