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Pedestrian walking speed affects how we plan

Today’s news is all about walking speed.  Traffic signals are required by federal regulations to provide adequate time for pedestrians to cross.  But just how much time is adequate?  It depends on many factors, including the size and type of the intersection and how fast you are able to cross the street. In an article published […]

New pedestrian signals around 30th St. Station are a bit more vocal

As part of a PennDOT improvement project, the pedestrian signals at Market and Chestnut streets between 30th and Schuylkill Avenue have been upgraded with an automated-voice feature telling pedestrians when it is safe to cross the street.  According to Plan Philly, the automated-voice signals have had mixed reviews.  While the audible cues are intended to increase pedestrian […]

Earn money by helping out Feet First Philly!

One of Feet First Philly’s principal initiatives is to make sure that traffic signals allow pedestrians sufficient time to cross the street.  We are currently conducting field surveys to assess current signal timing and other characteristics at certain intersections.  The information gathered will be shared with the city of Philadelphia to ensure that all signals […]