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Link roundup, 10/24/13

Hey, Philly pedestrians! Sorry if our lack of recent blog posts has got you down. To make up for it, here’s a roundup of news and events that may be of interest to you. (It looks like Halloween festivities are taking over the city in full force this weekend!) Cities such as Atlanta are reversing […]

Friday Links – 8/30/13

Happy Friday!  Wherever your feet take you this Labor Day weekend, we suggest you take some time to peruse the latest pedestrian news. The Atlantic Cities: Americans are driving less, and the economy is not (entirely) to blame. A recent report found no relationship between reductions in driving at the state level and the health of […]

Photo: John Charles

Cities use policy to fix the parking plight

Excessive surface parking creates virtual deserts of wasted space in cities because parking lots take up a disproportionate amount of room compared to the value they contributes to a city’s economy.  Some places have taken action to limit or reduce the amount of surface parking in their downtowns to create more walkable and people-friendly communities, […]

Friday Links for May 10, 2013

Pedestrian fatality rates vary by demographic: The chilling facts about pedestrian fatalities reveal that certain groups are much more likely than others to be injured or killed while walking.  As reported on Streetsblog.com, a report by the Centers for Disease Control found that members of certain groups, including the elderly, minorities, and males in general, are killed by vehicles in disproportionate […]

Image: April Bertelson, Portland Pedestrian Coordinator

America’s streets are “dangerous by design;” intersection in Omaha is a prime example

Pedestrian safety is a major issue in the United States.  Between 2000 and 2009, over 47,700 pedestrians were killed.  Pedestrian fatalities occur at a higher rate here than in similar countries such as Canada or Australia.  One of the contributing factors to the number of pedestrian fatalities is often poor street design.  In 2011, Transportation […]

Article: Designing good cities for walking

Streetsblog.org has posted excerpts from acclaimed Danish Architect Jan Gehl’s book “Cities for People.”  When it comes to designing a good public space for people to linger in or walk through, Jan Gehl has it practically down to a science.  For instance, he says that 1,640 feet is the distance most pedestrians find to be an […]

D.C. blogger defends “schlepping” groceries

Living without access to a car usually means that you have to “schlep” groceries home on foot or by bike or public transit.  While some may see this as an inconvenience, schlepping has many health benefits, and it’s not just the workout you get from carrying heavy bags across town. In a post entitled “The […]