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Article: Drivers at fault in ped crashes do not face charges

Over the past century, the interests of the auto industry have usually won out over the interests and safety of pedestrians. Because the latter do not typically have the same kind of lobbying power to influence lawmakers, vehicle-pedestrian crashes are all too often seen as unfortunate accidents. A five-year study of fatal pedestrian crashes found that […]

Science shows urban density promotes social interaction

It’s no secret that dense, urban neighborhoods promote walkability, but now a scientific study shows even more benefits of density.  Researchers at the University of Utah created a model to simulate social interaction based on possible live and work locations.  What they found should come as no surprise: characteristics of urban sprawl, especially decentralization, significantly […]

Evidence abounds for walkability as an economic development tool

Why do we need walkable communities?  Well, in addition to the health benefits of walking and the decreased environmental impact of car-free transportation, it turns out that walkability has an overwhelmingly positive effect on local economies.  There is a growing body of evidence that walking increases economic activity and that pedestrians can be a key […]

Article: Children who walk to school have better concentration

As this article from The Atlantic Cities explains, a recent study in Denmark found that children who walk or bike to school performed better on tasks requiring concentration than children who were driven to school.  In the study, this exercise appeared to have an even greater impact on performance than eating breakfast.  Cognitive improvement is […]

Article: “Somehow We’re Walking More and Walking Less At the Same Time”

A recent CDC report states that a greater percentage of Americans walked for more than ten minutes straight over the course of a week in 2010 than in 2005.  However, the length of time people spend walking has dropped from an average 15 minutes per day to just 13 minutes a day. Is this good […]