In November 2017, Feet First Philly took over the twitter account NotAParkingSpotPhila, an outlet that advocates for pedestrian safety in Philadelphia. In only two months, Feet First Philly has been flooded with submissions, thank you emails, and responses from Philadelphians concerned for pedestrian safety.

S 18th St & South St
S 18th St and South St

In total, Feet First Philly has received 40 submissions each violating City Code Chapter 12-913 with cars parked on crosswalks, bike lanes, or on sidewalks. To work towards a long-term solution, Feet First Philly is building a database with times and locations to share with decision makers in Philadelphia. This database will convey how wide-spread this issue is and push through sustainable solutions like enforcement. Because it leads to unsafe crossing of intersections, and forcing pedestrians into traffic, parking illegally can end in serious injury and even loss of life. Our goal is to make Philadelphia’s streets safe and accessible for everyone.

Help keep NotAParkingSpot going! Tag @FeetFirstPhilly, @NotASpotPhila, and #NotAParkingSpot in your photos and posts with illegally parked car on Facebook and Twitter with the location and date. You can also email us your submission via email at with the same information.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted in 2017. Feet First Philly is eager to create safer streets in the new year.

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