Kyle Block walking with a tree from TreePhilly

What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk? Why did you decide to walk as your commute?
I feel so thankful to live in a place where I can walk pretty much anywhere: the grocery store, library, pharmacy, park, and festivals. While it is such a luxury to be able live in a walkable area, I hope we can change the perception that walking is a luxury. It should be the norm. I walk and bike all over Philly and it is the ideal way to really see and feel the city. Walking helps clear your head, get your blood flowing, and feel like an active part of the urban environment.

What is your average commute? Where do you start and finish? Make any stops along the way?
I really like walking along Philly’s little alley streets. They are so unique! I often take a detour to feel the sense of community that these streets foster. Sometimes I’ll also go out of my way to walk along the river.

Have you ever experienced a dangerous or problematic intersection? What happened?
Oh yes! Haven’t we all. Constructions sites are dangerous for pedestrians as they frequently close the sidewalk and force walkers into the streets. That really should not be tolerated. I also feel the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is a dangerous place for pedestrians. The lanes are very wide and it’s confusing for drivers and pedestrians alike to know who has the right-of-way. Anywhere near a freeway on or off ramp is also dangerous.

What would you suggest to make walking in Philly safer?
I’ve never witnessed a police officer enforce a traffic violation. On top of this, I see a lot of people texting and talking while driving. That is illegal, right? Let’s enforce it.

Why do you think walking is important?
Walking builds community. It gives vibrancy to our city.

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