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May 2018 Newsletter

Feet First Philly May 2018 Newsletter Protected Bike Lanes on Market Street and JFK Boulevard Construction for the new protected bike lanes on  Market Street and JFK Boulevard between 15th and 20th Street started Monday, May 21st, to increase pedestrian and cyclist safety in Center City. The project will be piloted for 9 months. The […]


Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Kyle Block

What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk? Why did you decide to walk as your commute? I feel so thankful to live in a place where I can walk pretty much anywhere: the grocery store, library, pharmacy, park, and festivals. While it is such a luxury to be able live […]


Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Chloe Finigan of Feet First Philly

Chloe Finigan, Transportation Outreach Coordinator at Clean Air Council, took some time to talk about her experiences as a pedestrian in Philly! She currently works as the support staff for Feet First Philly (FFP). If you would like to get involved with FFP, email feetfirstphilly@cleanair.org today.  What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long […]

Friday Links for May 10, 2013

Pedestrian fatality rates vary by demographic: The chilling facts about pedestrian fatalities reveal that certain groups are much more likely than others to be injured or killed while walking.  As reported on Streetsblog.com, a report by the Centers for Disease Control found that members of certain groups, including the elderly, minorities, and males in general, are killed by vehicles in disproportionate […]

Article: New pedestrian ramp for the Ben Franklin Bridge!

Thanks to the Bicycle Coalition, the Ben Franklin Bridge will receive a new ADA accessible pedestrian and bicycle ramp to replace the steep, narrow stairs on the Camden side, making the bridge easier for both pedestrians and cyclists to use. http://planphilly.com/new-bicycle-pedestrian-ramp-coming-ben-franklin-bridge-camden

Image: Oregon Live

Article: Portland will lower speeds to 20 mph on residential greenway streets

Portland is making neighborhood greenways safer for pedestrians!  Portland’s neighborhood greenways are a network of roads that have been redesigned with bicycles and pedestrians in mind.  Among other things, these streets have improved stormwater management and better pedestrian crossings.  The greenways, which already have low car traffic, will now have lower speed limits as well. […]

Improving walkability through “placemaking”

One of the keys to walkability is that an area looks and feels like a good place to walk.  There are many features that are typical of such places, in particular, cleanliness, well-maintained properties, the presence of other pedestrians, and low crime.  To improve the perception of a place to pedestrians, certain small changes can […]