#NotaParkingSpot is gaining momentum after receiving over 300 submissions in six months. Thank you to everyone who has posted to Twitter or submitted via email. We can’t increase enforcement and ensure safe spaces for pedestrians without the support from pedestrian safety advocates like you.

In every post, we tag the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA) and appropriate Philadelphia Police District (PPD). We encourage you to make your own phone calls and want to make sure you know the right department to call. As we conduct outreach and encourage advocates to report illegal parking in their neighborhoods, understanding the difference is vital.

PPA: The PPA covers residential, permitted parking, and metered parking. The PPA can only enforce parking regulations between signs, so if a car is illegally parked on a sidewalk with any signage (permit parking, two hour parking, handicap parking, or bus zone), the PPA is the right agency to call! Below are two examples of when to call the PPA. Note: the license plate is intentionally blacked out.



PPD: On the other hand, the Philadelphia Police Districts enforce regulations outside of permitted areas. This includes cars parked too close to hydrants, or cars parked on sidewalks and crosswalks. Below are two examples of when to call the correct police district!

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