Pedestrians of Philadelphia: Nick Zuwiala-Rogers

Nick Zuwiala-Rogers, September pedestrian of Philadelphia

1) What is your experience as a pedestrian? How long do you walk? Why did you decide to walk as your commute?

Being able to walk whether as a commute, to run errands, to visit a friend, or go out to dinner is one of the main draws to living in a dense area like Philadelphia.

2) What is your average commute? Where do you start and finish? Make any stops along the way?

My most common commute is to walk to the Snyder subway station from my house and into work from the Walnut-Locust station. While it is only a combined 10 minute walk, it is a nice way to start the day.

3) Have you ever experienced a dangerous or problematic intersection? What happened?

In my neighborhood, I often see cars parked in crosswalks, which makes navigating the intersection difficult and forces me out into traffic. I understand parking can be tough to find in South Philly, but this should not be the answer to a frustrating situation. In center city, on my walk to work along Walnut, congestion often leads to cars backed up through an intersection and stopped in the crosswalk when the light changes (I guess they thought they would make it through, but now they are stuck and so is everyone else trying to navigate the intersection.) More people walking and fewer cars on the road would help to alleviate this problem!

4) What would you suggest to make walking in Philly safer?

The largest safety improvement will come from slowing the speed of vehicles down. Besides speed, I think a change of attitude is the other biggest thing we need in Philly. I just think there can be a lack of consideration for other people in many contexts. I don’t think anyone wants to do something that negatively effects people’s safety, but I think that often, actively thinking about how other people are affected does not happen.

5) Why do you think walking is important?

Walking is important for so many reasons – it can be peaceful and meditative, it can be a way to get exercise, it’s good for the environment, and it’s an efficient way to move in the city. Plus, it’s fun!

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