People Not Cars: Celebrating walkable cities

People Not Cars

Our campaign People Not Cars reminds us who cities were built for: People! This may seem obvious, but look at a typical cityscape and you won’t see much space for people. Motor vehicles and their infrastructure dominate our public space and create negative effects on our mobility, health, and environment. Luckily, there are many ongoing initiatives in Philadelphia to make our city a healthier and more enjoyable place to live including Vision Zero, Philly Free Streets, Green City Green Waters, and Transit First.

Cities were built for #peoplenotcars
Our streets were built for #peoplenotcars
Sidewalks are for #peoplenotcars
Our green space is for #peoplenotcars
Our curb space is for #peoplenotcars


For the last few decades, we have given up more and more space in cities for cars with little gain. Car infrastructure dominates our roads so much so that any other initiative – whether it be pedestrian space, transit lanes, green stormwater infrastructure, and bike lanes – requires taking space back.

The good news is that we don’t actually need this much car infrastructure to achieve mobility in Philly. Dense, walkable, and vibrant cities use space efficiently and make mobility easier, healthier, and more sustainable.

Cars are a mobility tool that is useless where space is at a premium. Extensive parking, congestion, carbon emissions, and car-first roadways are not just unnecessary, but detrimental to physical and environmental health.

What Next?

We need to measure progress based on how infrastructure serves people, not cars. Let’s identify places where cars have monopolized too much space – whether legal or illegal.The most important thing we can do is keep thinking about new ways to change our cities for the better.

Let’s also celebrate the places in our cities where infrastructure was allocated appropriately to prioritize people over car infrastructure.

How can you help?

We need your help! Check out the ways you can contribute to the People Not Cars campaign

  1. COMING SOON: Buy the design! Keep an eye out for stickers, buttons and other branded items that you can use to support Feet First Philly and our mission of pedestrian safety.
  2. Post it! Tweet and post about how we should design cities. You can check out these posts for inspiration.
  3. Help identify problems to work on successful areas to celebrate. #peoplenotcars

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