City Council Candidate Survey: Adrian Rivera-Reyes, At-Large Candidate

Candidate: Adrian Rivera-Reyes, At-Large Candidate

This questionnaire was sent to every candidate no matter the party affiliation. Feet First Philly does not endorse any particular candidate and provides the responses to the public for informational purposes only.


If elected, what would you do to promote walking in Philadelphia?

By ensuring the maintenance of our sidewalks and the safety of pedestrians, we can encourage more Philadelphians to walk. I will also push for an expansion of the Philly Free Streets program, which temporarily closes streets to cars and offers open-street events. The city could also explore offering perks, as we currently do with SEPTA Key Cards, for residents who use a step-tracking app to submit their step counts.

If elected what would you do to ensure that all Philadelphians can reach their destination safely?

As a member of City Council, I will champion legislation that increases and promotes the safety of all Philadelphians. We can ensure safety by installing no parking zone signs, daylighting intersections, prohibiting drivers from parking at the curb, and increasing parking fines for those who violate the law.


Vision Zero and Pedestrian Traffic Deaths

Do you support VisionZero?

I fully support the Vision Zero goal of ending all traffic-related deaths by the year 2030. Our local government should be guaranteeing the safety of all Philadelphia residents. It is inconceivable that we have 90-100 traffic deaths a year. Additionally, not only are we losing the lives of our loved ones and people in our community, but traffic deaths also contribute an incredible financial burden to our city. It is important that we start implementing new safety measures that work for Philadelphia and takes into account the safety of our communities. Moreover, I would push for a funding increase that would allow City Council to help implement the various street safety initiatives suggested not only on the intersections that make up the “High Injury List,” but also expand these initiatives to the streets surrounding our schools and our community, health, and recreational centers.

How would you improve the walkability of our neighborhoods through Vision Zero?

I will fight for safer sidewalks by advocating for a larger repaving budget for the Streets Department, and I will work to preserve pedestrian areas by opposing projects like the proposed driveway in the Italian Market. I also support “daylighting” intersections through the use of plastic bollards and curb bumpouts, which will make our intersections safer for pedestrians.

According to an NBC10 report, there are 40 hit-and-runs per day, creating an epidemic in Philadelphia. In 2018, there were over 100 traffic fatalities in Philadelphia. In your view, what can you, as an elected official, do about this epidemic?

I support increasing penalties for drivers who kill or injure pedestrians and cyclists, legalizing automated speed enforcement in school zones and on the High Injury Network, and increasing funding to re-engineer our streets to reduce vehicle speeds, improve lines of sight, and increase safety.



If elected, what would you do to ensure adequate sidewalk repair and crosswalk maintenance?

As a member of City Council, I will advocate for a larger repaving budget for the Streets Department. I will also support allowing people to submit requests for sidewalk or crosswalk repairs to Philly311.

If elected, what would you do to ensure our more vulnerable citizens could adequately and safely get around?

I support expanding our public transportation network into areas where options are currently scarce. I would call upon SEPTA to eliminate transfer fees, which place a burden on everyone whose home is not on the same line as their workplace or school. I also support raising the cut-off age for fare-free transit from 4 to 12 years old, which will expand access for low-income families.

If elected, what would you do to end illegal sidewalk and crosswalk parking in Philadelphia?

I support allowing people to submit cases of illegal parking to Philly311 and increasing fines for cars parked on crosswalks, bike lanes, and sidewalks. I believe the PPA should expand the number of blocks it patrols and should use their vehicle cameras to automatically ticket cars in crosswalks.


Construction Projects

If elected, what would you do to ensure developers provide a safe walking & crossing area for pedestrians to use in all neighborhoods?

Construction projects that close sidewalks increase the risk of dangerous and possibly life-threatening situations, especially for the disabled. I would require all construction projects that close sidewalks to provide a protected pedestrian path, and create a searchable database of street closure permits on the City’s website.


Final Question

Where is your favorite place in Philadelphia to walk and what makes it so great?

My favorite place to walk in Philadelphia is the Schuylkill River Trail. Besides the convenience of being close to my home, the Schuylkill River Trail offers breathtaking views of the city’s landmarks while providing a safe space for cyclists, joggers, and walkers.

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