City Council Candidate Survey: Mark Ross, At-Large Candidate

Candidate: Mark Ross, At-Large Candidate

This questionnaire was sent to every candidate no matter the party affiliation. Feet First Philly does not endorse any particular candidate and provides the responses to the public for informational purposes only.


If elected, what would you do to promote walking in Philadelphia?


If elected what would you do to ensure that all Philadelphians can reach their destination safely?



Vision Zero and Pedestrian Traffic Deaths

Do you support VisionZero?


How would you improve the walkability of our neighborhoods through Vision Zero?

Through education, engineering, and support can we achieve this goal.

According to an NBC10 report, there are 40 hit-and-runs per day, creating an epidemic in Philadelphia. In 2018, there were over 100 traffic fatalities in Philadelphia. In your view, what can you, as an elected official, do about this epidemic?

We can lower speed limits and encouraging biking and walking because the fewer cars on the road mean fewer accidents, and it is good for the environment.



If elected, what would you do to ensure adequate sidewalk repair and crosswalk maintenance?

We would have to set aside money for the Streets Department to make sure the sidewalks are safe for all pedestrians.

If elected, what would you do to ensure our more vulnerable citizens could adequately and safely get around?

I believe the plans are already being implemented for our more vulnerable citizens and I would back it.

If elected, what would you do to end illegal sidewalk and crosswalk parking in Philadelphia?



Construction Projects

If elected, what would you do to ensure developers provide a safe walking & crossing area for pedestrians to use in all neighborhoods?

I would make sure these areas are safe for pedestrians by having L&I inspect them and levy fines.


Final Question

Where is your favorite place in Philadelphia to walk and what makes it so great?

Fairmount Park. Well, I just like walking by the river.

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