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#NotaParkingSpot in 2019

2019 is the year we tackle illegal parking. Illegally parked cars on sidewalks and crosswalks risk the lives of pedestrians, and the word is getting around. PlanPhilly highlighted #NotaParkingSpot and we have reached out to 311 to add illegal parking to their app. We are planning to do more, starting with presenting to neighborhoods around […]

Friday Links – 8/30/13

Happy Friday!  Wherever your feet take you this Labor Day weekend, we suggest you take some time to peruse the latest pedestrian news. The Atlantic Cities: Americans are driving less, and the economy is not (entirely) to blame. A recent report found no relationship between reductions in driving at the state level and the health of […]

Walk Score announces new Android app

Our friends at Walk Score have announced the release of their free app for Android devices! Download the app, which is also available for iPhone, to instantly get the walkability of your location and find amenities such as restaurants and shops near you.

Evidence abounds for walkability as an economic development tool

Why do we need walkable communities?  Well, in addition to the health benefits of walking and the decreased environmental impact of car-free transportation, it turns out that walkability has an overwhelmingly positive effect on local economies.  There is a growing body of evidence that walking increases economic activity and that pedestrians can be a key […]

TONIGHT! Feet First Philly’s November Meeting

Tonight (Monday, November 19th at 6 pm): Come one, come all to FFP’s November meeting! We’ve got lots of updates for you on projects such as intersection surveying and our photo contest (which is still open to submissions; send photos of sidewalk encroachments to walkability@cleanair.org)! For more information, check out the facebook event.

“Trick-or-treat test” another great way to measure walkability

There are a number of ways to measure walkability–we’ve talked about Walk Score and Walk Appeal before–but none is more fitting for this time of year than the “trick-or-treat” test. Like the popsicle test, the trick-or-treat test uses the walking behavior of children to assess how walkable a neighborhood is.  In a blog post for […]

Improving walkability through “placemaking”

One of the keys to walkability is that an area looks and feels like a good place to walk.  There are many features that are typical of such places, in particular, cleanliness, well-maintained properties, the presence of other pedestrians, and low crime.  To improve the perception of a place to pedestrians, certain small changes can […]

Alexandria, VA, a walkable community outside of Washington, DC

Article: Walkability is important to home buyers

It’s no secret that people like walkable neighborhoods.  There are a number of recent surveys, articles, and research studies that contribute to the growing body of evidence for this preference.  As reported in this Good Magazine article, a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that factors that contribute to walkability have become […]

Walking in Rittenhouse Square

“Walk Appeal” affects how pedestrians interact with the built environment

The built environment has a huge influence on walkability. You probably have an idea of what features of a street make it more or less walkable, but have you given it much thought? There are a number of different frameworks that have been developed to guide the way we think about this. Some, such as […]