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Must cities choose between walking and driving?

According to a survey of CEO’s and other business leaders in Washington, D.C., 99% want to ease traffic flow between the city and suburbs.  However, 89% said that they would like to see walkable communities where amenities are located near residential districts. Struggle to balance these interests in the city’s transportation plan.  As the Greater […]

Friday Links – 6/7/13

Here’s a roundup of the latest pedestrian news, brought to you by Feet First Philly. Have a great weekend! AARP’s Livable Communities initiative aims to create “great places for all ages.” In this article on their website, Sarah Clark Stuart of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia is praised for her work on bike and […]

Science shows urban density promotes social interaction

It’s no secret that dense, urban neighborhoods promote walkability, but now a scientific study shows even more benefits of density.  Researchers at the University of Utah created a model to simulate social interaction based on possible live and work locations.  What they found should come as no surprise: characteristics of urban sprawl, especially decentralization, significantly […]

Article: Washington, D.C. school performance and walkability

As part of an open data initiative, members of the Code for DC Brigade found a correlation between higher public school performance and walkability.  It is also known that walkability and access to transit increase real estate values.  What does this say about DC schools, or about walkable neighborhoods, for that matter?    In an […]

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Oklahoma City mayor: “We have to start building this city for people”

When Oklahoma City was ranked the second-fattest city in America in 2009, Mayor Mick Cornett examined the problem and declared that the city’s car-oriented design and unfriendly streets were at fault.  Pedestrian-unfriendly design was detracting from the city’s livability, which also meant that it contributed to the outmigration of young, intelligent workers – often known […]

Cover of Speck's "Walkable City"

Article: Ten steps of walkability

Walkable City, the new book by urban planner Jeff Speck, has been getting a lot of attention.  It’s been touted as one of the top ten planning books of 2013, and it’s a valuable read for anyone interested in the benefits of walkability (for more info, read this interview with the author over at The Atlantic Cities).  Kaid Benfield […]

“Trick-or-treat test” another great way to measure walkability

There are a number of ways to measure walkability–we’ve talked about Walk Score and Walk Appeal before–but none is more fitting for this time of year than the “trick-or-treat” test. Like the popsicle test, the trick-or-treat test uses the walking behavior of children to assess how walkable a neighborhood is.  In a blog post for […]

Article: Front porches making a comeback!

An article in USA Today says that 65% of new homes built last year have porches.  Because front porches facilitate casual social interaction with passersby and evoke a style that was popular before suburban sprawl took off, the resurgence of the front porch shows that market preferences have shifted in favor of dense, walkable communities. […]

Alexandria, VA, a walkable community outside of Washington, DC

Article: Walkability is important to home buyers

It’s no secret that people like walkable neighborhoods.  There are a number of recent surveys, articles, and research studies that contribute to the growing body of evidence for this preference.  As reported in this Good Magazine article, a survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors found that factors that contribute to walkability have become […]