The “Where’s my effin’ sidewalk?” project is a photo/video contest that Feet First Philly is holding this summer.  We are asking you to submit photos and videos of sidewalk encroachments* that you encounter in Philadelphia.  These will be posted on FFP’s flickr stream, and the three that make the most powerful statements will win a prize (read: $$$).

The contest begins on August 1, and judging will take place on September 30th.  Feel free to start emailing your contest entries as soon as possible so that they can be approved for posting on the website at the start of the contest!

Send your submissions to Krista Guerrieri at Feet First Philly today!

*A sidewalk encroachment is any physical obstruction on the sidewalk that limits the space available for walking.  This can be anything from sidewalk cafe tables to construction sites that force you to walk in the street.  Even places that are lacking a sidewalk count; it’s still an obstacle to walkability.  We are primarily looking for sidewalk encroachments in Philadelphia, but submissions from around the region are welcome as well.

2 thoughts on “Feet First Philly holds “Where’s my effin’ sidewalk?” photo contest

  1. Hmm.. Could we expand this contest to highlight those places where no sidewalk exists at all? (That’s actually what I originally thought it was about!) I’d wager a guess that the LACK of sidewalks is a much larger hindrance to pedestrian safety and comfort throughout this city than the encroachments, and is an issue that many residents have passionate opinions on.


    1. Yes! That’s a great idea. Missing sidewalks are a huge barrier to walkability, especially in the suburbs and other areas outside Center City. Sidewalks that are missing because they have become construction sites count too!


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