Philadelphia Streets DepartmentThe wheels of cars, buses, and trucks can easily roll over the uneven pavement on streets that are being repaved.  Pedestrians, however, do not have it quite as easy when crossing these streets.  Roadways that are being repaved can be hazardous for a number of reasons.  Manhole covers often protrude above the street, which can cause people to trip.  Water pooling in the street is likely to be an obstacle after it rains.  Also, the dust created by construction equipment used in repaving can make it difficult to breathe.

Because much of this work takes place in the summer, it may seem like every street in the city is being resurfaced, and that crossing these streets is inevitable!  But don’t despair–did you know that you can go to the Philadelphia Streets Department’s website to find out which ones are being repaved?  The information on this website is very useful and can help you plan your walk to avoid uneven streets.

See if your street is slated for pavement here.  For a list of streets to be paved this week, click here.

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